Pro Wrestling TrainWreck: Southern Sickness Cup 2019 October 18th & 19th Memphis, TN

1. Jeff King
2. Markus Crane
3. Cole Radrick
4. John Wayne Murdoch
5. Orin Veidt
6. Calvin Tankman
7. Kody Rice
8. Akira
9. Kevin Giza
10. Zodiak
11. Casanova Valentine
12.Eddy Only
13.Marli Knox
14.Matt Tremont
15 Devin Cutter
16.Neil Diamond Cutter
17.Deadly Dale
18.Mason Cutter
19.Reed Bentley
20. Dale Patricks
21. Raven Havok
22. Eric Wayne
23. Matthew Justice
24. AeroBoy

$100 VIP will now include: A Front Row Seat,An Event Poster(signed by all entrants),a pair of Sickness Sweatpants(you must email [email protected] with your size sweatpants subject line VIP*Sweatpants no longer available **),A Photo Opp,A Q&A with all participants.(order must be in by September 15th to get sweatpants!)

$60 – Silver Second Row- A Second Row Seat

$50 GA- A General admission Seat

First Round for Southern Sickness Cup 2019! October 18th and 19th!

Matt Tremont vs. John Wayne Murdoch [1st Round Electrified House of Horrors Death Match]

Beauty is Pain Deathmatch
Neil Diamond Cutter Vs Marli Knox

Markus Crane VS Jeff King
{4 Seasons Deathmatch
Summer- Pool Noodles Of Death
Spring…Break- Pool Of Vodka (Both participants are 21+)
Fall- Pumpkins Of Death
Winter- Dry Ice!}

Reed Bentley vs. Dale Patricks [1st Round Shark Teeth Boards, Fish Hooks, Pits of Rock Salt, Sea Shells Death Match]

Deadly Dale&Akira Vs The Hooligans Devin and Mason Cutter 1st Round Weapons from Classic Horror Movies Death Match] (Winning Team advances )

Casanova Valentine vs. Zodiak [1st Round Gusset Strips Replace Glass also Barbwire Boards Death Match]

Toys R Death….Match
Kody Rice Vs Matthew Justice!

Orin Veidt Vs Raven Havok [1st Round 2/3 Giant Log Cabins Of Glass]

Assault From The Skies 4 Way!
Assault Boxes,Ladders,Panes Of Glass,Doors,Lighttubes and A Scaffold!!! (2 winners advance)
Representing The Production
Eddy Only
Representing IFHY
“WildHeart” Cole Radrick
Representing IWA Midsouth
Kevin Giza
Representing Fight Or Die
Calvin Tankman

Fans Bring The Weapons!
Eric Wayne Vs AeroBoy

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