Playlist From Pro Wrestling EGO’s 8th Annual Great Southern 8 Tournament in Pearl, MS-10/19/19

Click at the top right corner of the video to scroll through the matches featuring:

“White Widow” Bristol Hayle vs. Rey Fury

 “Serpent Assassin” Brandon Whatley vs. “Night Sky Titan” Ursa Major w/ STERLING

Joshua O’Hagan w/ The Constellation vs. Wes Warren

 “Gamechanger” Xtian Blake vs. “The Nightmare” Jeremiah

Rey Fury vs. “Night Sky Titan” Ursa Major w/ The Constellation

“The Nightmare” Jeremiah w/ Bristol Hayle vs. Wes Warren

Wes Warren vs. Rey Fury 

Special Thanks and Credit to Koby Rutland and Bodyslam Media Productions for sending these videos



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