WWE taped tonight’s edition of WWE NXT tonight from the Landon Arena in Topeka, Kansas. Thanks to WNW reader Emma for providing us with text-message updates. Below are full results:

Dark Match:

* Tyler Reks b. Luke Gallows with the debut of a new finisher. The crowd was behind Gallows.

WWE NXT (Airing tonight on the official WWE website):

* Tonight’s show opens with a Rookie Challenge. It’s a mechanical bull riding competition. The Bella Twins demonstrate and Aksana wins among the Rookies. The crowd was absolutely dead for the segment.

* Aksana b. Maxine with a reverse pin attempt. The match was sloppy with several notable botches. Aksana’s Pro, Goldust came out with the Million Dollar Championship belt he captured from Ted DiBiase on last night’s edition of Raw.

* The Raw Rebound segment airs, recapping John Cena’s situation with The Nexus from last night’s show.

* Another Rookie Challenge is up. This time it’s a talent show for the NXT Divas. Aksana did weird contorted push-ups, Naomi rapped, AJ did some acrobatic moves, Jamie “turned men on” by kissing Matt Striker, Kaitlyn drew Vickie Guerrero then made fun of her. Maxine cut a promo apologizing to Hornswoggle for last week, saying she baked him a pie. He came out and she smeared some of it on his face. He took the rest of the pie and slammed it in her face. Kaitlyn is named the winner by the response of the crowd. Due to the fact Kaitlyn and AJ have both won three Rookie Challenges, the crowd got to choose who got immunity from being eliminated. Kaitlyn was awarded immunity.

* Backstage, Aksana tells Goldust she has four weeks to get her paperwork in order before she is deported.

* WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler comes out with Vickie Guerrero for her match against Kaitlyn. There is a lot of stalling to start the match with Dolph looking conflicted between them. Kaitlyn gets a quick pin after Dolph accidentally distracts Vickie. Kaitlyn tries to celebrate with Dolph who acts innocent. Vickie leaves Dolph and Kaitlyn in the ring together to end the show.


WWC held their October 2 event at the Pepin Cestero Arena at Bayamon. Havoc, of the WWc Forum, reported the action as follow:

1-Rikochet defeated Angel to retain the WWC Junior Heavyweight Title, after a top rope move and a splash. After the match they argue but at the final Argel raised Rikochet’s hands signaling him as the winner.

2-Niche & Lynx defeated Comandante & Dave D’Jour.

3-On a match for the Woman Title, Black Rose defeated Debbie Rose to win the title. Lynx distracted the referee so Niche came and applied a top rope kick to Ross and then Rose applied a top rope splash to win the match that way.

4-On a World Tag Team Titles vs. Mask match, Thunder & Lightning defeated BJ & Chicano to preserve their mask and winning the tag team titles. Match came to an end when Lightning used a knux to knock Chicano to win the title.

5-On amatch for the Caribbean Title, Hiram Tua defeated Hideo Sato by DQ, so Sato retained the title. Final came when Sato blinded Tua ith salt.

6-On an special challenge, Joe Don Smith defeated Chris Joel. Final came when Joe tries a school boy against Joel but he holds himself from Artache, who pushed him back. Then Joel slapped the referee, who in response attacked him so Joe ended doing the school boy and that way pinned Joel. After the match Joel took a chair and attacked both, referee Artache and Joe, until BJ and Rikochet came to the rescue.

7-On a No DQ match to pick the top contender for the Universal Title, Joe Bravo faced Gilbert. Match started with Bravo doing a surprising attack on Gilbert. Match took place all over the place, with changes of offensive. Golbert covered Bravo, but count was 2 as Bravo had a foot on the rope, Later happened the same for Bravo, Jose Chaparro distracted the referee, Bravo used a knux, knocked Gilbert and finallt won the match that way. Jose Chaparro took the microphone and said that when he was in Japam he heard that Gilbert wanted to take care of his business so then Bravo and Chaparro attacked Gilbert. Later Chaparro told Bravo that with him he can get the Universal Title.

8-Carlitos defeated Black Pain by DQ to retain the Puerto Rican Title. Jose Chaparro interfered when carlitos was about to do his 787. Pain used his chains and attacked Carlitos, causing the DQ. Carlitos was attacked by Chapoarro and Pain. Sweet nancy (who in real life is engaged to Carlitos) tried to reach the ring, but was stopped by the ring crew security. Chicano and BJ finally did the save.


IWA held their October 2 at the Municipal Coliseum at Añasco. The promotion reported the action as follow:

1-Barbie Boy defeated Enigma.

2-Zlade defeated Julian Jamrock.

3-Atomo & Sonico defeated Iron Wyre & Mike Dagger to win the spot to become the IWA Tag Team Tiltes challengers. After the match The Kongs (tag team champions) came and attacked The Kids Superheros (the name that the company gave Atomo and Sonico are as tag team) until Rick Stanley & Dennis Rodriguez did the save.

4-Xix Xavant defeated Renegado.

5-Savio Vega defeated Manson.

6-Diabolico defeated Spectro when he knocked Spectro with the Intercontinental Title. Match started at the dressing room and they came to the ring to start the in ring action.

7-On a Puerto Rican Title & IWA Title vs. Tag Team titles match ended when Dennis Rivera & Rick Stanley defeated The Kongs to become the new Tag Team champions. That way both are double champions as Denis is the Puerto Rican champion and Stanley is the IWA champion.


WWE taped this week’s edition of WWE Smackdown tonight from the Landon Arena in Topeka, Kansas. Thanks to WNW reader Emma for providing us with text-message updates. Below are live results:

Dark Match:

* Tyler Reks b. Luke Gallows with the debut of a new finisher. The crowd was behind Gallows.

WWE Smackdown (Airing Friday):
* Teddy Long comes out to introduce Edge as the newest addition to Smackdown.

* Jack Swagger comes out with his eagle mascot. He cuts a promo on Edge, saying he embarrassed him last week in his home state of Oklahoma. Swagger’s mic cuts out, leaving Edge to improvise in his mic. The two will face each other now.

* Edge vs. Jack Swagger. Edge speared the eagle mascot off the apron and they called out the medical team and stretcher for him. The match continues. Good match, several near falls. Edge wins after hitting the spear.

* The grooming tip from “Dashing” Cody Rhodes focuses on brushing your teeth.

* Unified WWE Divas Champion(s) Layla w/Michelle McCool vs. Kelly Kelly w/Natalya. Winner via LayOut, Layla. After the match Layla tried to attack Natalya but was ran out of the ring.

* Big Show cuts a promo about his upcoming feature film “Knucklehead” and WWE Bragging Rights. He has been named captain of Team Smackdown at the pay-per-view. Show says his first order of business is to name Hornswoggle the official Smackdown mascot. Hornswoggle comes out in a Vikings helmet and face paint. The Dudebusters interrupted the promo, saying they deserve to be on Team Smackdown. When Show denied them, they took off their Smackdown shirts to reveal Raw shirts. Big Show gave them a double chokeslam to end the segment.

* Unified WWE Tag Team Champions “Dashing” Cody Rhodes &Drew McIntyre vs. Kofi Kingston & Kaval. Rhodes & McIntyre controlled most of the action before Kaval got the hot tag. After interference by the illegal men, Rhodes ended up hitting Cross Rhodes to get the win.

* Paul Bearer is in the ring to introduce World Heavyweight Champion Kane. Kane cuts a promo about how he destroyed The Undertaker with the help of Bearer, saying Undertaker is as weak as the crowd in the arena. He says Undertaker now has to answer to Kane.

* Dolph Ziggler vs. MVP for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. During the match, Dolph distracted the referee for Vickie Guerrero to take advantage, but she left him alone instead and went to the back. Kaitlyn came out towards the end of the match in support of Ziggler. She ended up interfering, giving Dolph the win for him to retain the title. They celebrated together in the ring until Vickie came back out. He tried to say he was innocent and went running after Vickie, leaving Kaitlyn alone in the ring.

* Alberto Del Rio comes out and cuts a promo on Rey Mysterio. He says Mysterio is like the trash on the bottom of his shoe.

* Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio. Mysterio hits a lot of offense in the early going. Del Rio turns things around with a flying kick in the corner. Several rest holds are utilized before Rey goes back on the offensive. Near falls from each. After a distraction and miss-communication by Del Rio’s ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez, Rey hits 619 and a corner splash to get the win. This ends this week’s edition of Smackdown.

Dark Match Main Event:

* Teddy Long introduces Big Show as World Heavyweight Champion Kane’s opponent in a street fight for the title as tonight’s dark match main event. Kane won after he hit Show in the stomach with a chair. Show chokeslammed him after the match and cut a short promo thanking the live crowd. He said he wasn’t prepared for the match because he had been eating catering all evening.

Tna Impact! Taping Tonight: Live Reports Needed & More

This night, TNA tapes this week’s version of impact at the impact area in Orlando. No suits have been announced for the taping at this factor, however, new TNA Champion Jeff Hardy is being marketed to appear on the tapings.
If you are attending the taping tonight and would love to send in stay outcomes or a put up taping consequences document, please e mail us at andy [at] pwmania.Com.

Sheamus Liked Backstage, Taker’s Wm27 Opponent, Ppv Buyrates

Raw movie star Sheamus is nicely-liked through many behind the scenes in WWE, including influential energy players Triple H, John Cena and Randy Orton. Every of them had feuded with Sheamus and gave his his in-ring work and typical attitude high praise. The belief is that he’s one of the true success stories of WWE’s latest adolescents movement and he’ll be a prime eventer in WWE for a long time.
– WWE officials are already discussing who will struggle The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXVII. As of ultimate week, the top choose to stand the “dead man” subsequent April is Sheamus. John Cena has additionally been mentioned as a probable opponent.
– considered one of the biggest tales of the yr has been the steady decline of WWE PPV buyrates. Many say there are too many PPV activities, they’re too expensive and the gimmick-based totally shows simply don’t paintings. WWE is running on thoughts to assist buyrates, however none of them deal with those issues. One idea being tossed around within WWE lately is to go again to preserving a stay pre-game display to push overdue buys for the event. The corporation used to try this for years (Sunday night time Heat0 and later dropped it when it wasn’t taken into consideration to be price effective.
– The magazine Inquirer has a piece of writing approximately WWE hiring APCO international huge to come up with ways to make their promoting more applicable to the mainstream media and politicians. You could check that out at http://www.Journalinquirer.Com/