Locals to Legends Episode 149/STS Episode 260 w/”Kung Fu” Donnie Janela!

Gene Jackson joins us with ‘Locals to Legends: E149”. “Kung Fu” Donnie Janela for Episode 260 of “Shootin’ The Shiznit.” Donnie talks about his new discovery, One Fall Power Factory, QT Marshall, martial arts, Chris Crunk, Cabana Man Dan, Alabama wrestling, Ernest Miller, landscape of indie wrestling and much more ! Sponsored by @SpunkLube and bluechew.com (Promo code: STS). American Hostile Championship Wrestling brings you their 1 Year Anniversary show “A Night to Remember!” October 5, 2019 with bell time at 8:00 PM at Cooter High School Guy 1867 State Hwy E Cooter, MO! B & B Collections! B & B is located as part of the Treasure Hunt Flea Market 4012 Southwest D in Jonesboro, AR ! Search @bbcjonesboro on FB, Instagram and ebay!

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