BIW Bayou Independent Wrestling Playlist From “All You Need Is A Chance” Brookhaven, MS-10/12/19

Playlist with every match from BIW all you need is a chance
Brookhaven oct 12th 2019

Click at the top right of the video to scroll through the playlist of matches

Plus a short interview Ultimo Gallos had with The Amazing Danny Chance before his big main event match against BIW Southern Champion Steve Anthony

Matches are from first to last featuring

Nightmare known as Jeremiah vs Braxton Hunter

Cassandra Golden vs Myka Madrid

Apoc Adam Asher vs Comacho

Leroy Lee AKA Tatt2 vs The King Rob Love

MAIN EVENT for the BIW Southern title
Champion Steve Anthony vs The Amazing Danny Chance

Special Thanks and Credit to Newt Cox @ DIY Mississippi Filmworks for sending videos

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